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Join forces with modern science and ancient wisdom. Victory Elixir products are carefully formulated blends of nature’s powerful ingredients. Prepare to get the ultimate game-changing performance and recovery results.

Ancient Olympians

For thousands of years, phytochemicals have been prized for their performance enhancing and therapeutic powers. In the ancient Olympics, Greek athletes relied on aromatic blends of oils to increase strength and stamina. 1 2 3

Modern Science

Use the scientifically proven powers of phytochemicals to get an unfair advantage. 6 7 8 Gain unlimited access to their impressive athletic performance-boosting benefits ranging from improved respiratory function for better stamina and performance, enhanced energy and alertness, reduced pain and inflammation, and strengthened immunity. The use of phytochemicals is a must for the modern, scientifically-minded athlete. 4 5

Victorious minerals

Minerals are our other key ingredients. They have been scientifically proven to hyper-boost your energy production, immune function, muscle contraction, and nerve impulse conduction to deliver your best. Every. Time.

what is a phytochemical?

how phytochemicals work

Phytochemicals have been noted to enhance athletic performance and recovery since ancient times. They are highly concentrated extracts of flowers, leaves, bark, seeds and roots. Application to the skin allows the potent chemical components to rapidly enter the bloodstream. Active compounds then bind with receptors to adapt to the body’s needs to effectively deliver the desired results within seconds.9 10 11 12 13

extracting plant’s powers

To extract the plant’s magical properties, processes known as distillation and cold pressing are used to create a concentrated essence, which is 50 to 100 times more potent than the plant itself. For example, consuming one single drop of organic peppermint phytochemicals is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Our promise

We use only organic and wildcrafted 100% pure phytochemicals and botanicals. Sourced from the most conscious and quality-focused farmers and artisans. We are devoted to fueling your mind and body with the purest, most transformative performance and recovery products in the world.

The science


Boost Immunity

Cloves  love to increase white blood cell count and positively affect other vital signals of a powerful immune system. It will also increase circulation and reduce pain and inflammation.34 35 36 37




Revive the Mind and Body

Relied upon by Hippocrates himself, the ancient Greek physician considered the “father of medicine”. Pine is known to strengthen and revive the mind and body, regenerate cells and reduce pain and inflammation. Adapt with new success to stressful situations. 44 45 46 47



Increase Reaction Speed

It isn’t just for Sunday Roasts. Rosemary, a powerful antioxidant, has the ability to improve nerve growth factor (a protein that stimulates the growth of sensory and sympathetic nerve cells). It also increases cognitive speed, accuracy and mood while effectively inhibiting inflammation, muscular pain, and oxidative stress. 

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27


Increase Energy

The almighty Ginger plant has been found to reduce exercise induced pain, inflammation and oxidative stress. It increases energy and blood flow as you kill those long work out sessions.  29 30 31 32 33




Enhance Endurance

Scientifically proven to significantly boost athletic performance. It generates the power and endurance you need to succeed. It leads to improved respiratory function, sharpened mental focus, and relieves pain effectively.
15 16 17 18 19 20





(potassium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, sodium, calcium, iron, silica, MSM, boron)

Go Harder for Longer

Minerals play a crucial role in energy production, muscle contraction, nerve impulse conduction, and immune function. They will also strengthen a string of other bodily functions necessary for you to excel.
90 91 92 93 Victory Elixir’s mineral blend is perfectly balanced for your super-athletic needs.



Reduce Pain and Inflammation

This ordinary cupboard spice will significantly enhance metabolic activity during exercise. Experience new levels of mental clarity, energized muscles, and reduced pain and inflammation. Black Pepper has proven to be a treasured ally for the competitive athlete. 39 40 41 42


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